Xpeedite Courier Software (US and Canada)
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Our Company
Xpeedite was designed for use in the United States & Canada but can be used throughout the world.
Xpeedite provides Canadian and American businesses with superior online Courier software. We specialize in the Courier industry.
Serving Customers from the East Coast to the West Coast, from the North to the South, Xpeedite is proving to be the most cost effective and reliable courier software on the market.
Customer Support
Xpeedite provides hotline telephone support for advice and assistance.
Our technical experts are always as close as the nearest telephone.
Easy to Use
Xpeedite Courier Software was designed as an easy to use tool, it offers flexibility and provides many powerful features. Ideal for most small and medium-sized Canadian and American businesses, Xpeedite® Courier Software runs on most known web browsers including Mozilla Firefox™ (Recommended), Google Chrome™, Apple Safari™, Opera™ or Miscrosoft Internet Explorer™ 7+ with enabled cookies, JavaScript and Adobe Flash™ on both Miscrosoft Windows™, Linux™ and Apple Mac OS X™ platforms
Compatible browsers and OSs      Compatible browsers and OSs
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Courier Software for Small and Medium-sized Businesses in US & Canada.