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What's New
25 June 2010
* The addition of Picked-up Dates and Times
* Auto Dispatching
* Pickup and delivery Info auto selection when search criteria are exact
* Get Price button
* Total price hover for COD jobs on Order screen
* Email POD
* Faster access for on-the-fly Customer addition
* Dropdown displaying the last 50 Customers used on Order Entry screen
* Zone selection when on-the-fly Customer addition
* Faster access for pricing when creating an order
* New Print options for search result listings
* Search results printed reports for FIND ORDERS now include Date Picked Up
* ORDER REPORTS now include a custom report writer
* New Excel format for all reports
* New CSV format for all reports
* New Text format for all reports
* Overall the time needed to create an Order has been cut to 1/5 of its previous time
* The time it takes to load the FIND ORDERS list has been cut to approximately 1/3 of its previous time
* Redesigned simplified interfaces for hand held devices
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