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Welcome to Xpeedite Free Customer Support
Xpeedite Support offers free complete online support for all your hardware and software regardless whether or not they are used with Xpeedite Courier Software.
Support for Xpeedite Software
Whether you are using Xpeedite at the office, home, truck or car, our technical support team is here to help you get the most out of Xpeedite. When you first start using Xpeedite, we take the time to get set up and running. Because of the web based architecture, users are always comfortable within a couple of hours.
Welcome Support
Support for Xpeedite Supported Devices
To remain ahead in today's competitive market; courier companies adopt the most sophisticated hand held devices to enable immediate contact between drivers and dispatchers. To this end various radios, text messaging phones, smart phones and wireless handheld devices are widespread in the industry. Tell us what you use and Xpeedite will not only support it but also make suggestions on what's new and where the best prices for these devices can be found.
Handheld Support
Support for Office Hardware and Software
If you are using Intel or AMD based computers running such programs as MS Word, MS Excel and accounting programs, we are pleased to be your online support team. This is a service provided to all Xpeedite contract users. With the use of RDP, PcAnywhere or Logmein.com tools, we will log into your sick computer and make it better. Our online tools enable us to remotely troubleshoot and repair some 90% of your computer problems and if we determine it's a hardware issue, we will make recommendations on what to purchase.
Office Hardware and Software Support
Telephone Toll Free: (416) 335-7527
E-mail: support@xpeedite.com
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