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Xpeedite Training
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Xpeedite provides full online training for both one-on-one and classroom sessions.
We offer real-world, hands-on training from instructors dedicated to preparing you for success in today’s competitive job market. Our mission is to help you gain the vital skills employers value and to increase your opportunities for success.
This service is customized to each user's individual needs and is most useful for those individuals who are self-taught, who are not comfortable in a group setting or who cannot dedicate an entire day for training.
We cover only the material you want at a pace that best suits you. Learn a new program, like PowerPoint; a new feature, like lists in Excel as they relate to the various different reports in Xpeedite and exporting; or work through a list of questions and frustrations on Windows and the Microsoft Office suite - whatever will give you the biggest productivity boost.
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Courier Software for Small and Medium-sized Businesses in US & Canada.